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How I Can Help With Your Funding Needs

As a respected and unique mortgage adviser, I am here to help you with your non bank / bridging finance needs anywhere in NEW ZEALAND. The current financial climate has made funding for short to medium term projects more difficult to obtain. Even simple bridging finance, where you can demonstrate little risk to the lender, has become less available.

The main banks are still taking a very conservative approach towards bridging finance scenarios also, particularly where there is no guarantee of repayment. Fortunately there are simple bridging finance options available to those who have good equity in their property. Often interest payments can be built into the loan to allow a comfortable bridging finance period until repayment of the loan can be achieved, generally from a sale of another property or asset, some people just need time to get their finances in order to get back to a mainstream bank. 

Development finance is even harder to obtain these days as many lenders have had bad experiences with supply chain issues, lockdown delays etc, some finance companies are simply saying “no” to any lending proposal involving a construction element at present.

Fortunately, there are still a  handful of very good options for development finance that are not necessarily accessible to the typical mortgage adviser.

Since leaving my career at the National Bank and establishing Ian Woods Mortgages over 22 years ago, I have built strong relationships with a large group of lenders, both private individuals and finance companies, who are still very much ready and willing to offer property funding, short to medium term, secured by good quality real estate in New Zealand.

I offer a fast approval process and individual attention; you will be professionally catered for in total confidentiality. This is what I truly believe separates me from the rest as an experienced mortgage adviser in Auckland.

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Ian Woods.

This is Ian Woods who is a respected mortgage broker in auckland

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Development Finance

If you’re a property developer, small, mid-sized or large and you’re relatively new in this sector, then you might not be aware that trying to get approval on your construction funding via mainstream channels is not easy with most developers unable to meet the more restrictive credit criteria. So if you’re looking at alternative funding options and want to learn how a mortgage broker in Auckland like myself can provide the property development finance unique to your project, read on.


With a private lender, the typical restrictions like low credit ratings and reports might not matter as much. And because private lenders can secure collateral elsewhere, they have more flexibility in choosing their beneficiaries, which is why they are more prepared to take risks. So regardless of your credit score, if you want to learn more about how a mortgage broker in Auckland like myself can give you a fair chance at a mortgage loan by sourcing the right lender through private lending, read on.


If the type of funding you need is to ‘bridge a gap’ and you need it quickly to secure funds quickly to cover a pretty urgent need then bridging finance is an option you might never knew existed through brokers like myself. Got an upcoming auction purchase? Maybe you’re refinancing or purchasing a property that needs refurbishment? Got unexpected bills and have to cover the mortgage? These are some of the many reasons for bridging finance which can be a really appealing option. Read on.

Are you in need of non-bank financing for your property project?


What makes me unique in the NZ market

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I’ve been involved in the banking industry for 35 years, starting in the bank in Newmarket, Auckland in the 80s and learning the role there of lending and progressing from there to being a bank manager with the ANZ Bank and the National Bank.

Along the way, I was also one of the original mobile mortgage managers for Countrywide Bank, who were subsequently bought by National Bank and then the ANZ Bank. After that corporate career, I left in 2002 and formed Ian Woods Mortgages, where I still do quite a lot of lending through the banks for my clients, but I’ve also specialized in non-bank type lending.

Over the last 18 years, I have built up quite a suite of private lenders and non bank lenders who will lend for projects that the banks probably don’t have the appetite for, such as construction and development funding, or business funding.

That’s an area that I really have targeted, and I feel that my experience in that industry, I can quickly work out who’s the best provider and the most likely provider for a client. That generally makes the process fairly straightforward and fairly simple.

There is generally no upfront cost to a borrower, unless specifically agreed in advance for complex scenarios. My fee is success driven, if you don’t get what you want, you wont pay a fee. So my clients are in safe hands and they’re getting good advice on the availability of finance in the market. I can quickly assess their needs and tell them where I think the application may fit and give a pretty accurate indication of the cost of that finance upfront, before we go too far down the track.