Solutions for all short to medium term bridging finance requirements

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “bridging finance”, it refers to a short to medium term loan. The most used example of bridging finance is that of a house sale and subsequent home purchase where there is a delay between settlements. You get a bridging loan to buy your new home before you’ve sold your current home.

Property DEVELOPERS also use short term funding to cover construction or acquisition costs on their projects For more of my thoughts on Bridging Finance, make sure you read or listen to me here

I offer short to medium term bridging finance solutions for the following purposes:


  • Funding a sub-division
  • Funding a construction project
  • Purchasing a commercial property


  • Bridging the purchase of your new home until your current home sells
  • Bridging the purchase of a business, boat or vehicle when your bank won’t assist


  • Self-employed borrowers who cannot prove their income 
  • Clients with good equity who do not wish to disclose their incomes
  • Refinancing a mortgage or other debt that you may be under pressure to repay 
  • Buying out a partner or spouse in a relationship split 
  • Injection of capital into your business

How Your Financing Will Work

Mortgages as Financing Security

My lenders generally require a first mortgage over your property as security. For strong proposals however, I do have access to second mortgage funding also.

Loan Ratios

Loans can be as high as 80% of the current market value of your property. A lower percentage lending ratio will generally apply for bare land or commercial property. 

Interest Rates

Interest rates depend on the nature of the security and the borrower’s financial position, also the perceived risk to any lender. These can be firmed up after our initial chat over the phone.

Approval on the other hand is more dependent on the quality of the lending proposals presentation to any lender. 

Lender Fees 

Lender fees are generally between 1 to 2% of the loan amount. My fee will be discussed with you at the initial enquiry once I have an understanding of what your situation and bridging requirements are. I will always aim to get your funding through a mainstream bank if I believe this is a viable option, this is obviously a cheaper option for you.

Additional Reading 

There are plenty of useful ‘objective’ resources online to upskill your knowledge around this area. Here’s a few I’ve thrown together if you’re new to all this:

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