The Three Most Frequently Asked Questions I Get From New Clients

The three most frequently asked questions as a NZ mortgage broker that I get would probably be:

  • How much can I borrow? 
  • What would it cost? 
  • How soon can I get the money?


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Most people have a project or a purchase that they want to proceed with and their bank has declined the application. So then they start to look at alternatives, perhaps they hear my advertising on the radio or see my website online, make contact, but generally there’s an urgency to move forward. And as I say, knowing how much they can get and what it will cost would be the two main factors in the decision-making process. What I offer is a range of options through different lenders. And I’m confident that in each unique situation, I can quickly offer the most cost-effective solution for the client, as a proven and trusted NZ mortgage broker for the past 18 years.